Unity of Edmonton is a Lay-Led Congregation

Being lay-led means members of our congregation organize and lead most worship services. Pastoral guidance is accessed from a local ordained Unity minister as well as from the Unity of Canada regional consultant. In addition, guest speakers are invited to share their spiritual insights and journey whenever appropriate and whenever possible.

Unity of Edmonton is a Shared Ministry

Shared ministry lives out the affirmation that all people are called to ministry. As members of a faith community, we are invited to serve together in a spirit of mutuality as partners. Working cooperatively, we strive to discover, develop, utilize, and support the gifts of each person and, as responsible stewards, to participate in the ongoing creative and restoring activity in our community and the world.

Shared ministry creates a culture in which each member is invited to participate in ministry. It brings life and energy to the congregation. Members learn that all people have gifts and all are called to use them. Shared ministry creates the environment in which this can actually happen.

A faith community that recognizes the gifts of its members, that nurtures their growth and development, and supports them in a systematic way—will find itself attracting more members and carrying out its unique mission more effectively than previously imagined possible.

Like the Jewish prophets, Muhammad and Jesus, we are called to mission – to bring good news to the poor, release to the captives, sight to the blind, and freedom to the oppressed. Like the Buddha we are called to help awaken people to deeper, more authentic possibilities. We are to be at work in the world making present the realm of justice, peace, and wholeness.