Friendly Faces at Unity

We have a wonderful team of people that keep Unity operating smoothly. Everyone pitches in to make it possible for this congregation-led ministry to shine! The following members are just a few of the many people that make it possible for the warm and welcoming community we have at Unity of Edmonton to continue to grow and flourish.

Fresia Pilquil has been on the scene at Unity of Edmonton for over fifteen years.  She currently helps to develop congregation-led services and special events on the Celebration team. Fresia facilitates Sunday services with a calm and wise demeanor and is our ‘facebook guru’, working  diligently to promote the positive vibes online and in person at Unity.

Kelly Murphy is a long-time member of Unity of Edmonton since 2006. She has served behind the scenes as a board member and knows the workings of Unity from the inside out. Kelly is a whiz at administration and her behind-the-scenes tasks keep Unity running like a well-oiled machine. She works on the Celebration Team and facilitates Sunday services with a gentle grace.  If you have any questions about how Unity functions or need help with anything she’s the one to ask!

George Sellmer  has been a member of Unity of Edmonton for over 12 years. George wears many hats and his talents lead the musical side of Sunday services with a blend of vocal and guitar arrangements that fall on appreciative ears! He also graces us with his talent at the sound board and making power point slides for facilitation. He speaks with insight and humor in his Sunday talks and helps out with the social media aspect, too

Paul Graham came to Unity in 2007 after his search for a new spiritual community. Here he found a welcoming and open minded atmosphere. After a short hiatus he returned to assist in setting up our current space. Since then, he has served as President of the Board for 2 years, and now serves on the Celebration team which plans all the spiritual activities. He also gives regular talks which combine Unity’s Western Christian perspective, that of the Eastern, primarily Buddhist perspective, and learnings from his own personal journey. Paul is always willing to step up to help with special services and other activities. He wants everyone to have fun along the way.